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Summer Update

Our board members met again the evening of June 2nd and after countless hours of planning over the past couple months, a decision has been made regarding the 2020 summer baseball season. Please see below for details regarding each level.

Rec League – T-Ball, Squirts, Pee-Wee
This was not an easy decision but we have decided to cancel our 2020 summer baseball season for T-Ball, Squirts, and Pee-Wee. These levels consist mainly of games and with the restrictions set forth by the government due to Covid-19, we found that it would be difficult to maintain social distancing. Your health and safety is our top priority. We understand that many of you have already paid for the season and wanted to offer you a couple options of what to do with your registration fee:

  • Donate it to KMBA – KMBA is a non-profit organization 501(c)(3) and relies primarily on registration fees to develop a sustainable and successful program in our community. Even though the season is cancelled, there are still certain expenses that reoccur annually. Any donations that we receive will be used to pay for items such as field equipment enhancements, field improvements, and new gear such as helmets, bats, catcher’s gear, etc. We understand the current economic situation affects everyone differently, so any donation is very much welcomed and appreciated.
  • Request a refund – We will refund you the full amount that was paid for your child(ren). With our new credit card processing system through our website, we are only allowed to refund your credit card within 90 days of the transaction. If your registration occurred prior to 90 days, we will have to issue you a check. Refunds take some time and coordination, so we do ask for your patience should you choose this route.

We ask that you please contact us with your registration fee decision before June 20th by emailing  . After the June 20th deadline, we will graciously accept your 2020 registration fee as a donation to our program.

We are hopeful that by late summer/early fall, things have started to opened up a bit to allow us the possibility of hosting free trainings/camps for these age groups. This is something we would love to do but will need to see what happens in the coming weeks. We will continue to communicate with you via email and Facebook for all information regarding the possibility of these trainings/camps.

Although Rec League is cancelled, fields around town are still open. We highly encourage you to get outside, play some catch, help your son/daughter with their swing. Keep them interested in the game so we can come back better than ever in 2021.

Traveling – (10U, 11U, 12U, 13U, 14U, VFW)

  • Coaches and practice schedule. Practice schedule is how it will start and is subject to change from week to week. 
    • 10U (4th Grade) - CJ Ryner - Practice at Denneson Park on Mondays and Thursdays from 5:45-7:00. Starting this Thursday, 6/25.
    • 11U (5th Grade) - Mike Craft - Practice at Denneson Park on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 5:30-7:00. Starting tomorrow, 6/23.
    • 12U (6th Grade) - Eric Gruhlke/Mike Maxwell - Practice at Mantor Field on Tuesday from 6:30-8:00 and Sunday from 3:00-4:30. Starting tomorrow, 6/23.
    • 13U - Jake Schmidt - Practice at North 1 on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:00-7:00. Starting Wednesday, 6/24.
    • 14U - Matt Nelson - Practice at North 2 on Mondays and Thursdays from 5:45-7:15. Starting Thursday, 6/25.
  • Covid Procedures
    • We are asking that temperatures be taken at home prior to coming to practice. Needs to be below 100 to practice. 
    • If player does not feel well, please stay at home.
    • Temperatures will also be taken at the field once they arrive.
    • Health questions will be asked once temperature is taken.
    • Sanitizing equipment before, during, and after practice. 
    • If available, player should bring their own helmet and bat. 
    • No dugout, seeds, gum, or spitting.
      • Players should place their bags along one of the fence posts down the 1st or 3rd base line. 1 bag per fence post.
    • If a player is exposed or has Covid, they will be removed for 14 days.
  • Prorated fees
    • Fees will be determined at the end of the year when we know how many tournaments and games we are able to play.
  • Tournaments
    • As of right now we have confirmed tournaments for 10U, 13U, and 14U. They are all in the East Ridge tournament in Woodbury, MN. 10U is on 7/24-7/26 and 13U and 14U is on 7/31-8/2. Still working on 11U and 12U but we are confident that we will be able to get 1 if not 2 tournaments for each group. 
  • Waivers
    • Release waivers have been emailed out to everyone and needs to be turned into your coach prior to practicing.  
  • Uniforms
    • We will be getting our uniforms from Kasson Laser Graphics this year. It will not be anything fancy. Probably just a t-shirt with the KoMets logo and a number on the back. Please get your t-shirt size to your coach so we can get these ordered ASAP. 

by posted 02/13/2020
Field Usage Chart

Please see field usage chart below. These are fairly set in stone but times and days are subject to change. A downloadable copy can be found on the Downloads page under the home tab or by clicking here.

by posted 01/13/2020
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